Introducing “Check Your Premises” the Blog of the Ayn Rand Society

On behalf of the steering committee of the Ayn Rand Society, I am happy to announce a new initiative, in addition to our meetings at conferences of The American Philosophical Association conferences, and our book series, we will now be operating a blog named for Rand’s principle piece of methodological advice: Check Your Premises.

The blog will feature posts by society members on topics pertaining to Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, especially as it relates to philosophy as it relates to philosophical issues currently being discussed within the philosophy profession. There may also be guest posts by non-members. Our editor will be longtime society member, Ben Bayer, who will post shortly about the policies and name for the blog. Please contact him if you have any editorial feedback on the blog, or if you are member who would like to post.

It is our hope that this blog will serve the Society’s purpose of “foster[ing] the the scholarly study by philosophers of the philosophical thought and writings of Ayn Rand.” Towards that end, we ask readers, especially those of you who are members of the profession, to share and comment on our posts, if they are of interest.

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