Upcoming Sessions and Other News

The¬†Ayn Rand Society¬†will be holding a session on ‚ÄúAristotle and Rand on Axioms‚ÄĚ at¬†the upcoming¬†APA¬†Eastern Division meeting¬†in Philadelphia on Friday, January 10 from¬†7:00 to 10:00pm. James Lennox (Professor Emeritus of the History and Philosophy¬†of Science at the University of Pittsburgh and the co-secretary of the ARS)¬†will be presenting his paper ‚ÄúAyn¬†Rand and Aristotle: Axioms and their Validation,‚ÄĚ and Michail Peramatzis of¬†Oxford University will be presenting a comment. Robert Mayhew (Seton Hall) will¬†chair.
Professor Lennox‚Äôs paper is available to members of the Society whose¬†dues¬†are¬†paid up and to¬†contributors for the current academic year. It can be found in the papers section of the ARS’s website. Professor Peramatzis‚Äô comments and Professor Lennox‚Äôs response will also be made available to members and contributors after the session.
As we have not posted here in some time, let me also alert¬†you to some other society news. In addition to the program at the APA Eastern¬†Conference this year, we will also for the first time be holding a session at¬†the¬†APA Central Division meeting in Chicago on Februrary 27. The subject will be ‚ÄúAristotle and Rand on the Standard of Value.‚ÄĚ I will be presenting a paper and Joseph Karbowski of Ludwig Maximilian University will be commenting, with Professor Lennox serving as chair.
This year’s sessions are both on Aristotle, because the papers being presented are slated for the fourth volume of the Society’s book series, which will concern the relation between Rand and Aristotle. And this brings me to the topic of the series. The third volume in the series, Foundations of a Free Society: Reflections on Ayn Rand’s Political Philosophy edited by Robert Mayhew and myself was released in the Spring. And now, all three volumes in the series are available in e-book formats (the first two having previously only been available as traditional publications).
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